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  • “Práxedes” – Short story, in Apogee Journal, Issue 09, June 2017, Manhattan, New York City. From introduction to issue: “Being seen—or not—becomes a necessary politic to meditate on in an auto-play era that, via its broadcast, strips bodies of color of agency and makes the pain of marginalized people a theatrical erotic in their unconsenting visibility. Thus, what is said in these pages is as valuable as that which remains unspoken, and what is seen must guide us to think of who remains invisible within image-making, either by creative choice, or by social force beyond.”
  • “A Time to Leave” – Short story, in The Island Review, posted April 19, 2017, edited from Glasgow and Shetland islands, Scotland, U.K. Tweet on 6:14 AM – 19 Apr 2017: “@theislandreview: New ‘A Time to Leave’ by is a stirring tale of island-hopping, nostalgia & longing .”
  • “La sal del olvido” – Cuento, en Dominicana en Miami, edición digital, Miami, Estados Unidos, publicada 9 de marzo, 2017.
  • “Merry-Go-Round” – Short-short, in Hiedra Magazine, Issue 6, Bloomington, Indiana; Spring 2016. ISSN 2328-3653. From the editors: “Víctor Manuel Ramos’ ‘Merry-Go-Round considers the consequences (and perhaps the futility) of reducing land, animals, and humans to economic objects.”
  • “Plinio’s Walk” – Short story, in Popshot Magazine: The Illustrated Magazine of New Writing, Issue 10, “The Wild Issue,” London, United Kingdom; Autumn/Winter 2013. ISSN: 2041-4382. From the editor: “Plinio’s Walk is a ghost story that was originally penned as part of a Spanish-language novel that [the author] wrote about the struggles of poor Dominicans who find themselves forced to migrate in search of better lives. The author’s grandfather used to tell a less embellished version of it, claiming it had happened to him as a young man, and used it to frighten his grandchildren during power blackout nights. It was translated into English for this issue.”
  • “Una sombra inhumana” – Fragmento de novela, en VoCeS: Cuadernos de Literatura; Asociación Cultural VOCES, Granada, España; Mayo 2009. ISSN: 1887-7303. Editorial: “Una treintena de voces que han puesto su energía y obra para que esta publicación siga viendo la luz y respirando, continúen sus aguas frescas rodando en la corriente de la creatividad…”
  • “Nuevayor bajo la nieve” – Cuento, en Cuadernos de ALDEEU; Volumen XX, Núm. 1, Asociación de Licenciados y Doctores Españoles en Estados Unidos, Miami Shores, Florida; Abril 2004. ISNN: 0740-0632. Del director: Esta es una de “algunas piezas literarias inéditas tanto en prosa como en verso que tratan sobre la ciudad moderna”.

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